What's Happening

by lucky clark, scribner news service, 10.27.06

NOW is NOW's latest CD delivers.

Last week, I interviewed Mitch Alden, founder and frontman for the power rock trio NOW is NOW, so for this week's column, I decided to review their third CD, "Never Go Back."

Ever since NOW is NOW's first CD, "Transitions," I've been a fan of this former NYC resident, now a Steep Falls resident, and his musical vision. NOW is NOW has its roots deep in the classic rock sound augmented with close harmonies and enough hooks to keep the eight tracks firmly attached in your memory.

Vocally, Alden reminds me of Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon) because of his high, clear pitch and passion that can nail the lyrics cold -- he's pretty good on the guitar as well.

New bassist Drew Wyman is no stranger as his work with New Hampshire-based Thanks to Gravity has always thrilled, and the teaming with Alden and the band's original drummer/vocalist, Neil Carroll, is one that can only take this rock trio to new heights.

The added bonus to all of this is that, like me, Alden is a Stephen King fan and drew upon his love of the author's masterpiece "The Dark Tower" for two songs -- "Other Worlds" (Volume 1) and "Wheels" (Volume 7). And I think the cover illustration is decidedly "Dark Tower" inspired! (Tomorrow night Ri-Ra in Portland hosts the CD-release party for this disc.)

lucky clarke is the senior music correspondent for the kennebec journal.