What's Happening

by lucky clark, scribner news service, 10.20.06

"Things are going really great -- the record's done. It's like a giant purging after everything -- the band is doing fantastic and life, in general, is doing very well!"

That upbeat assessment came from Mitch Alden, frontman/guitarist for the popular Maine act NOW is NOW. The trio will be playing a CD-release party at the Ri-Ra Irish Pub in Portland on Oct. 28.

"I've been playing music in Maine for close to six years now ... and after five years, we're really starting to see some attraction at all the gigs we play," the singer-songwriter-guitarist said.

As far as his thoughts on his band's third CD, "Never Go Back," Alden was extremely enthusiastic about the way it came out.

"It was tracked over a two- to three-month time period but only four to six sessions a month, tops, and that was after work -- we did the basics over a three-day period then it was just going in there and laying down all the guitars, the keys (keyboards) and the vocals on top of it. Working with (producer) Joe Brien (of The Troubles) on this record really helped a lot -- he brought some really good performances out of me -- I'm incredibly psyched with it!"

Alden proclaimed that the trio -- himself, Drew Wyman, formerly of Thanks to Gravity, and drummer/vocalist Neil Carroll -- have really clicked together as not only musicians but also friends making their "weekend warrior" gigs a non-stop party.

"We have these monthly gigs at Ri-Ra down in Portland -- one of our staple gigs -- so it only made sense to celebrate our CD release there! We have one more," he added, "on Nov. 4 at the Bitter End in New York City. I talked the guy into giving me a two-setter -- two hours on-stage at the Bitter End on a Saturday night -- that's going to be a lot of fun!"

lucky clarke is the senior music correspondent for the kennebec journal.