Mitch Alden--of NOW is NOW--releases a solo album that continues his legacy of finely-crafted, infectious songs

by lucky clark, the kennebec journal / compact discussions, 1.20.11

To say that I’ve been a fan of the Portland-based singer-songwriter-rocker Mitch Alden would be a gross understatement. His band NOW is NOW has released three albums since 2002 and all of them have been warmly received in my CD player, so when he recently sent over his first solo album (entitled “Old Habits”) I eagerly slipped it in the car unit and devoured it as I traveled around on errands around the area. I discovered that all the elements of his band’s music that I’ve enjoyed for nine years is still present on these nine tracks (eight listed, one “hidden”): hook laden melodies, empowering lyrics and an accessibility that makes each listening as enjoyable as the one before! Vocally, he still reminds me a lot of Kevin Cronin (of REO Speedwagon fame) giving the songs an air of familiarity even though the entire album is loaded with originals. Of the nine tracks six find Alden performing on all the instruments and vocals while on “Middle of Nowhere,” “I Take it as it Comes,” and “Move it Out” he’s joined by Drew Wyman on bass and Neil Carroll on drums. There’s a nice blend of rockers and ballads making for a balanced listening experience all the way around! He’s got a concert coming up in April in Hallowell so you can count on a chat near that date--he is always a great interview! (

lucky clark is music correspondent for the kennebec journal.