by syl nathan, good times magazine, 12.01.06

Veteran Maine band Now Is Now returns with "Never Go Back," their third full-length, right on time for the holiday gift-giving season. Recently, the band trekked from tiny Streep Falls all the way to gigantic New York City for a show, which would be surprising in most cases – but not for Now Is Now, whose frontman, Mitch Alden, is a Big Apple transplant to New England.

Unlike a lot of modern rock, this album is upbeat, rocking, and refreshing. Produced by Alden and Joe Brien, the disc is chock full of radio ready highlights, including “Day 1,” “Over & Over,” and “Wheel.” There are only eight tracks in total here, which is brilliant; it’s long been a rule of thumb that if an act’s original material is strong, record only what is necessary. In that light, there’s not a wasted note or bad tune on this entire effort.

Already popular on the local club scene, it will be interesting to see how local radio greets this sterling new effort. This is clearly one of Maine’s finest rock bands. Now it’s up to the rest of the world to catch up with Now Is Now.

syl nathan is music correspondent for the good times magazine.